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Imagine Learning Website

Research-Based Instruction

Your students need content that’s as individualized as they are.

Because every child has different learning needs, a one-size-fits-all approach leaves many needs unfulfilled. Fortunately, Imagine Learning personalizes the experience by providing systematic instruction that adapts to each student’s needs. For example, the program helps students build literacy skills in a logical manner: first they learn letters, then they learn words. The activities break down skills into their component parts and organize them into little segments—such as teaching kids about sound before teaching letters. Along with this systematic instruction, the program also provides instructive feedback that directs students to apply a strategy they have been taught, or to re-read a section of a book to look for an answer. With checkpoints that determine how a student receives instruction or if they even need it, Imagine Learning individualizes the student experience. This level of detail means that teachers can spend their time where it matters most: teaching.